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These rigs are designed for well drilling and installation of overhead transmission line supports 0.4 – 10 kV.

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Drill rigs can be used in industrial and civil construction for boring holes for pile foundations, fence and road signposts, in oil and gas pipeline construction, etc.



Hoist carrier mounted drill rigs manufac­tured by Stroydonmash, JSC, for en­ergy industries are used in construction of electric power transmission lines in all regions of Russia and CIS countries, in off-the-road and different climatic condi­tions. Due to its module configuration, hoisting and drilling equipment is easy to mount on the truck or tractor and requires minimum space.

Drilling Rig Mast

The drilling rig mast is designed by engi­neers of Stroydormash. The tubular design of the mast provides perfect protection for components moving inside the mast and serves as support structure for hoisting and optional equipment, such as pile-driving equipment, setting tools, etc.

Rotation Unit for Drilling Tools

Mechanically driven drilling tools and equipment are easy to operate and main­tenance-friendly in any climatic conditions. When using hydraulically driven drilling equipment, the operator can smoothly ad­just its rotation speed.

Hoisting Equipment

Hoist carrier mounted drill rigs are equipped with cable and hoisting assembly for lifting and lowering loads up to 2 tons. The hoisting equipment is generally used for installation of electricity pylons into boreholes.

Outrigger System

The outrigger system of hoist carrier mounted drill rigs provides the required stability during drilling operations on the sloped terrain. The outrigger design en­sures protection of hydraulic cylinders against contamination, thus contributing to their longer service life.

The chart shows features of our main product. Please download the catalog to find out more about other machines.

Drilling equipment

Item BKM-317-01
Max.drilling depth, m 3
Boring diameter*, mm, up to 360-800
Type of drilling cyclic
Max. torque of a drilling tool, N·m 4900
Max. depth-in axial load on drilling tools, kN 24.5

Max. depth-out axial load on drilling tools, kN


Drilling tool feed actuator


Drilling equipment rotation actuator

Drilling angle, degree 90…95
Drilling tool rotation speed, rpm (with engine of 1400 rpm) 109,1; 150,6; 189,5
Process capacity (when drilling wells with 500 mm diameter and 3 m depth in non-frozen soils of III category), m/h, not less 15

Hoist equipment**

Item BKM-317-01
Type of hoist equipment drive hydraulic
Max. lifting capacity of hoist equipment, kg 1250
Max. lifting hook height, m 6,3

*Drilling diameter complies with drilling tool diameter

**Crane equipment is auxiliary