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Project: Quickly reconstruction of Medium Voltage Line-35 kV.

The harsh winter caused a wire breakage and damage to the 30 pillars of the Power Line.

Date: 2014 Year

Location: Severny Kolchim – Krasny Bereg, Perm Region, Russia

Length of Line: 30 km

Construction Contractor: IDGC of Urals

Work equipment: Post Hole Drilling Rig BKM-317A with bar.

Drilling characteristics: The BKM-317A drilled holes of depth 3,5 meters / diameter 800 mm in the rocky and marshy soils. Mobility of drilling rig mounted on Truck allows you to travel long distances off road. The power line was quickly restored.

On the picture: Installation of electricity poles SK-22 in the holes drilled with post hole drilling rig BKM-317A