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http://sdm-zavod.ru/system/ckeditor_assets/pictures/548ff06393bc630a4600004a/content_sdc10675.jpgProject: Foundation construction for oil storage tanks

Date: 2009 Year

Location: Dulisminskoye oil and gas condensate field near the Pipeline «Eastern Siberia – Pacific Ocean», Katanga district, Irkutsk region, Russia

Quantity of Piling: more 500 pcs of welded steel pipes

Construction Contractor: "Plant of screw piles", Ltd.

Work equipment: Drilling Rig & Pile Driver BM-811


Drilling characteristics: Multifunctional Rig BM-811 with auger drilled the leader wells of diameters 150, 200, 300, 400 mm at first, then set the conical steel piling of diameters 168, 219, 325, 426 mm / length of 6 – 11 meter with own hoist, and then drive them with Diesel Pile Hammer DT12 in the ground 500 mm additionally.