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These  rigs are designed for well drilling and pile driving.

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Due to their additional function of pile driving during construction of pile foundations, drilling and pile driving equipment are seen as the most multifunctional construction machinery.


Drilling and Pile Driving Equipment Turntable

Drilling and pile driving equipment is mount­ed on the turntable and movable frame. Such added flexibility increases the operat­ing range and accuracy of borehole drilling in the selected point. Due to the turntable, the equipment can be used for drilling several boreholes without changing the location, thus offering time­saving options for operations involving drill­ing of multiple boreholes.

In addition to axial rotation of drilling equip­ment, the turntable can move longitudinally for 800 mm relatively to the pivot axis, thus achieving the precise position of an auger string during drilling of a borehole and meet­ing the higher requirements to location of boreholes.

Pile Driving Equipment

The distinct advantage of the rigs of this series is the availability of pile driving equipment able to drive piles 8-12 meters long. The pile is driven into the ground by a pile diesel hammer that is moved with the help of cable mechanism. The hoist­ing winch having lifting capacity of 3 tons is used for lifting the pile ready for instal­lation.

Drilling Equipment

The mobile rotation unit imparts the torque directly to drilling tools, thus minimizing any potential losses in capacity. Drilling rigs of this series, unlike other rigs, have lateral location of drilling tools rela­tively to the mast. Due to application of augers with telescop­ic extension, one 15 meter deep borehole can be drilled with one auger having the nominal length of 8.6 meters.

Operator’s Cab

The cab is spacious, with panoramic win­dows, giving the operator unrestricted view. The operator's cab is comfortable, and the operator can work long hours even in harsh weather conditions. In addition to comfort, the BM series cabin is safe and protects the operator against any incidents that may oc­cur during construction.

The chart shows features of our main product. Please download the catalog to find out more about other machines.

Drilling equipment

Item BM-811М
Type of drilling auger
Max. drilling depth, m 15
Boring diameter*, mm up to 500
Pile immersion length without leader drilling and use of butting piles, m 8
Max. torque of a drilling tool, N∙m 14,700
Max. depth-in axial load on drilling tools, kN 98
Max. depth-out axial load on drilling tools, kN 68.6
Drilling tool feed actuator hydraulic
Drilling equipment rotation actuator hydraulic
Drilling angle, degree 85...95
Max. rotation angle of drilling equipment in the layout, degree 180
Max. linear mast replacement, m 0.8

Hoist equipment

Item BM-811М
Type of hoist equipment drive hydraulic
Max. lifting capacity, kg 3000
Max. lifting hook height, m 10

*Drilling diameter complies with drilling tool diameter