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URB exploratory drilling rig

JSC Stroydormash offers 2 models of Exploration and Geotechnical drilling rigs: URB-41 and URB-51.

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They are designed to perform core bits drilling, DHT-drilling, rotary drilling, auger drilling for mineral exploration, geotechnical works, geothermal and water well drilling works.


URB-41 is simple and procurable for standard works; URB-51 is more powerful and productive with different functions both winch and clamp for pulling rods and pipes.

Rotation Unit for Drilling Tools

The rotation torque is conveyed to drilling tools through hydrostatic transmission, which, consequently, contributes to high performance of the drill rig. The rotation unit operates in two modes, giving the possibility to choose the opti¬mum speed mode for drilling operations. Operation of the rig is smooth and shock- free due to hydraulic motors used for the rotation unit. The rotation unit of geological exploratory drill rigs manufactured by Stroydormash can be displaced laterally, thus reducing the time required for pipe jointing and their loading onto the carrier when they are pulled out from the borehole.

Hydraulic Locking Band

The hydraulic locking band is used to se¬cure фтв drive the casing pipe down into the ground. Due to the hydraulic system, the operator can control and monitor all operations on his control panel.


Main drilling parameters (theor.)
Drilling type Drilling Depth, m Boring Diameter, mm
URB-51 URB-41 URB-51 URB-41
Core drilling bits with mud pump (flushing) 300 300 76-225 76-225
Core drilling bits with air 100 60 76-225 76-225
Core drilling bits dry 60 60 76-225 76-225
DTH Hammer 100 50 min 88-180 88-180
Rotary drill bits with mud pump (flushing) 200 100 min 76-244,5 76-244,5
Free fall (cable) drilling 24-40 no 93-194 no
Augers 60 35 min (per diam.300 mm) 360 850 max


Drill rig name URB-51 URB-41
Drill rig carrier (Chassis) KAMAZ-43114 Ural 4320-1116-61(*)
Substitute carrier
(Possible Chassis)
KAMAZ-43118 -
Total weight, kg 17000 max 15100 min

Rig dimensions in transit*, mm






Rig dimensions in operation, mm






Feed System
Feed type Hydraulic rope polyspast Hydraulic rope polyspast
Feed force of Pull down of tools, kN 80 78,4 (8000)
Feed force of Pull up of tools, kN 100 98 (10000)
Max operating pressure of hydraulic system, MPa 25 25
Rotation Unit (Top head)
Torque max., Nm 6400 6400
Rotation Speed max, rpm 640 540
Number of speed settings 4 4
Speed range, rpm 60-120-320-640 50-100-270-540
Torque range, Nm 600-1200-3200-6400 600-1200-3200-6400
Displacement from the borehole axis 600 mm to the right No
Mast overall length, m 8,0 8,0
Feed travel length, m 5,2 5,2
Drill pipe length, m (TBSU-pipe) 4,7 4,7
Operating angle Up to 45o from vertical Up to 45o from vertical
Winch Hydraulic planetary winch EGO-220 (Italy) Free fall hydraulic planetary winch LBS-250 No
Lifting capacity, kg 2000 2500 -
Wire rope supplied, length m 46 41 -
Wire rope supplied, diameter mm 10 14 -
Pull capacity, empty drum, kN 22 20 -
Rope speed, empty drum, m/min 20 30 -
Break-out table fixed mobile
Maximum nominal width for rod, mm 89 89
Maximum nominal width for pipe, mm 360 350
Hydraulic Clamp for pulling pipes Yes No
Travel force of Pull down of pipes, kN 100 -
Travel force of Pull up of pipes, kN 153 -
Clamping Force, kN 150 -
Max inside diameter, mm 360 -
Hydraulic Clamp for pulling rods Yes No
Clamping Force, kN 70 -
Max inside diameter, mm 89 -
Air compressor KV-10/10SU 4BU-5/9
Type** by track engine mechanical
Working pressure 1 MPa (10 bar) 0,78 MPa (7,8 bar)
Free air delivery 10 m3/min (166 l/min) 5 m3/min (83 l/min)
Drive Power 90 kW at 2200 r/min 37 kW at 740 r/min
Mud Pump NB-4 (or NB-32 or NB-50) NB4-160/63
Type hydraulic mechanical
Max flow, l/min 160 (540, 660) 155 (plunger d.70 mm), 63 (plunger d.45 mm)
Max pressure 6,3 MPa (63 bar) – 4,0 MPa (40 bar) – 6,3 MPa (63 bar) 4,5 MPa (45 bar) (plunger d.70 mm), 6,3 MPa (63 bar) (plunger d.45 mm)
Power, kW 11 – 32 – 59 11