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JSC Stroydormash is proud to present its new product to the market of geological drilling rigs. The model is unique in technical characteristics and engineering solutions.

Vladislav Boutin, Member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Stroydormash says, "The Russian market is in need of a technique close to International quality standards. In 2013, we decided to develop equipment that would be demanded not only by large companies, but also very small enterprises and individuals. We were inspired by the idea to take into account all the wishes of our customers."

The machine looks similar to the previous model, however URB-41 is a new modern exploration drilling rig.

- Rotation unit of own original design has a very powerful torque.

- Optional equipment - compressor, mud pump, water tank - located along the central axis, which not only provides the optimum weight distribution, but also maximizes the use of space of the left and right side of the platform for the secure installation, transportation and mounting of the drill, pipes and tools.

- Advanced hydraulic actuator of drilling rig allows combining multiple operations through a single handle.

- Also a mechanical actuator of the compressor or the mud pump is operated by a single handle of the control board. It has a soft start without breaking the flow of power to the pump unit, which is a fundamentally new solution and has many obvious advantages.

- The drilling table can be easily removed or withdraw the right of the axis to free the work area, if you want to use the auger a large diameter up to 850 mm.

- The new model includes many other improvements.

A practical embodiment of the new rig took place at the base of the factory. "Stroydormash" has 70 years of experience in design and production of drilling equipment not only for the geology, but also for electricity industry and construction of pile foundations. Formed staff enterprise combines tradition, experience and innovation. The plant "Stroydormash" produces a range of geological drilling rigs for geological exploration, geological-engineering prospecting, oil-gas seismography, water well and in other areas.